Expedition Photographs

Lang-Chapin Congo Expedition (1909-1915)
Mammalogist Herbert Lang and his assistant James P. Chapin collected and documented zoological, botanical, and anthropological collections and produced painted and photographic images of the natural and human environment. The material culture collected by Lang and Chapin, their field notes and photographs combine to give a remarkably extensive picture of life in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo in the early twentieth century.

Jesup North Pacific Expedition (1897-1902)
The Jesup North Pacific Expedition led by the anthropologist Franz Boas the first landmark research project of the Division of Anthropology, turned out to be one of the most scientifically important anthropological investigations ever mounted. Conceived and directed by Franz Boas, the expedition was financed by Museum president Morris K. Jesup. The anthropologists Berthold Laufer, Waldemar Jochelson, Waldemar Bogoras conducted ethnographic research and made collections in Siberia, Manchuria, and on Sakhalin Island. Laufer worked among the Nivkhi (Gilyak), Evenk, and Ainu on Sakhalin Island and the Nanai (Golde) of the Amur River. Bogoras studied the Chukchi and Yupik (Siberian Eskimo), and Jochelson the Koryak, Yukaghir, and Sakha (Yakut). The collections, written field notes, wax disk recordings, and photographs were intended to constitute a comprehensive record of the peoples they studied.

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