Blog Home is Transient and Fluid by Dr. Anne-Marie Tupuola-Plunkett “Home is transient and fluid.” “Home is a footprint of my fluid identities and an inherent connection to my familial, ancestral,... September 15, 2014 Blog Creative approach to climate change Our project Rethinking Home is focused on looking at climate change in New York and Samoa specifically, but we have participants... April 9, 2014 Blog We are tired-- Reflections on Sandy from Staten Island We are fighting every day for basic needs. We cope with uncertainty about the future of our houses and neighborhoods. We appeal to... April 9, 2014 Blog Rethinking Home on Long Beach by Doug Sheer I can’t remember a time I didn’t love islands. I was born on one, lived on one for most of my life and even chose to work on one... January 30, 2014 Blog I am ever yours After a tragedy the soul always seeks only the light. Weary of darkness, it wobbles on and tries to take flight. That is the beauty... January 30, 2014 Blog Second round of workshops in NYC and Samoa for Rethinking Home this spring! The theme of our second workshop is "Rebuilding Home." We thought you might want to know a bit more about what Spring... January 30, 2014 Blog Passionate thinking about climate change I’ve heard pundits state there is no solid evidence for global climate change, the data are inconclusive, even saying it’s exaggerated... January 29, 2014 Blog The Unfamiliar and the Unpredictable, by Maya Faison Climate change to me is hurricane Sandy, the most brutal storm I’ve ever had to endure. I studied climate change and it was an abstract... January 29, 2014 Blog From Maui to Manhattan The swerving traffic and the bright lights of New York City can sometimes be suffocating for a small island girl like myself. Moving... January 29, 2014 Blog Toward a Samoan Heart - Jacklyn Lacey As I write this, the sun has just finished its magnificent descent into the Pacific Ocean—bright tangerines slipping into dusky mauves... January 27, 2014 Blog Climate change in many homes- Shelby Pykare When I began my four-month study abroad program in the South Pacific island of Samoa, I had my first tangible experiences with climate... January 27, 2014 Blog Beginnings - Jenny Newell The New York group that forms one half of the "Rethinking Home" partnership has now taken shape. We met at the American... October 29, 2013