Water in Our Daily Lives: Coming And Going


Water in Our Lives lesson plan



Water in Our Lives investigation booklet




(Time required: about 56 minutes)

Adapting this Lesson for Your Local Community

The following lesson addresses New York City’s drinking water. You may want to explore the drinking water source in your local area. If you would like to adapt this lesson to include your city or town’s water story, do a quick search on the web to find the “source of water” in your town.  Most cities/counties have websites that describe the water supply.  You can create a lesson on this information, or ask students to do their own research and present it to the class as a poster or brochure.

1. Introduce where water comes from and how runoff impacts the environment. (5 minute)

"Yesterday we discussed how added salt affects living things. Today we are going to discuss how salt moves into waterways by looking at where our water comes from and how runoff impacts the environment."

2. How water moves: New York City Water Story Interactive. (20 minutes)

3. Show a slide of a map of NYC’s drinking water supply and Baltimore’s drinking water supply and lead the following discussion to connect Baltimore’s water with NYC’s water. (20 minutes)
Two Cities main image

Educator Materials

Water Tale of Two Cities

Each city has its own water supply, but different water supplies can be affected by the same factors.

4. Complete the Exploring Water in Our Lives section of the Investigation Booklet. (5 minutes)

Summary/Assessment:  Ask students to complete the Exploring Water in Our Lives section of the Investigation Booklet, available in the Downloads section on this page.