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Because We Were Born (Puisque nous sommes nés)


Directed By: Jean-Pierre Duret and Andrea Santana
2008 | 90 min
Saturday, November 13: 6:30 pm

Linder Theater
Filmmakers in person
At a truck stop in Brazil's arid northeastern state of Pernambuco, Nego and Cocada live by their wits, picking up odd jobs to earn one or two measly reais. Alternately despairing and hopeful, these young boys on the brink of manhood carry around their small dreams, spun from the imperfect examples of the grownups that surround them. French filmmaker Duret and Brazilian filmmaker Santana show us the world through the eyes of Nego and Cocado, as their neighbors make due with next to nothing and the transient truckers seem to have it all. Whether scavenging leftover food from restaurant plates, sleeping in a benevolent driver's cab, or doing chores at home after a long day's hustle, they turn to each other for comfort and company and wonder what no one of such a tender age should have to wonder: what will become of me?Co-presenter: Cinema Tropical