Digging the Dinosaur Fossils of South Africa

Dinosaur fossils are mostly known from the United States and Europe, but the under-studied dinosaurs of South Africa are ready to steal the spotlight. Join Museum paleontologists on an expedition to dig up sauropod, theropod and mammal fossils–even the fossils of extinct relatives of crocodiles, known as pseudosuchians. 

In 2023, Museum Macaulay Curator Roger Benson, Curator Meng Jin, and colleagues traveled to the village of Qhemegha, where the fossils of dinosaurs, mammals, and other extinct animals emerge from the hillsides. But more than just describing new species, these scientists are digging to find answers to why dinosaurs survived a mass extinction 200 million years ago–and why other reptiles did not survive to see the Jurassic. Watch to learn more!

The Constantine S. Niarchos Expedition featured here was generously supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).