Emerging Media Evaluation

phone with AR Pterosaur on screen Eozin Che


Sickler, J. & Lentzner, M. (2020). Emerging Media Formative Evaluation Report. Prepared for the American Museum of Natural History. J. Sickler Consulting.


This external study by J. Sickler Consulting, LLC. explores findings from an evaluation of Emerging Media, which was undertaken in 2019-2020. This evaluation sought to better understand visitors' experiences with these media, how they use them, and the ways in which these media may help visitors learn about the content of AMNH exhibitions. By using consistent frameworks and instruments, the evaluation was designed to explore how five media function as part of the visitor experience. One central finding from observations and interviews is that visitors value interactivity, immersion, and information.

This evaluation report is available upon request. For more information, contact: Jamie Wallace [email protected]