The Hayden Sphere inside the cubical Rose Center pictured from outside the entrance, illuminated at nighttime.

Over the past two decades, cultural institutions such as museums are beginning to develop their capacity for engaging in long-term research on teaching and learning. As part of this effort, we at AMNH have developed an educational research and evaluation agenda that we believe will allow us to build our expertise and knowledge about teaching and learning; grow our own research capacity; bring more coherence to our work; understand our impact more clearly; and put questions about learning, equity and access at the center. Our agenda is designed to:

  • represent a set of focused, specific areas for sustained, long-term inquiry
  • invite investigation from the standpoint of multiple research studies and disciplinary perspectives
  • draw fully upon the resources and assets of the institution
  • build upon current research and knowledge in the field
  • connect to and have implications for practice and policy

Our research team includes learning scientists, science educators, and teacher educators at the doctoral and post-doctoral level. Currently, we have several full time post-doctoral and doctoral candidates working on our research grants and evaluations, and we also host research interns.

Publications Related to AMNH Research Initiatives

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