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Resources For Educators: Water: H2O = Life

Part of the Water: H2O = Life exhibition.

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Water: H2O=Life explores where water occurs on Earth, how it’s used, and how we can become better stewards of our water planet. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students.

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Use these free online resources before or after your visit to further explore themes presented in the Water: H2O=Life exhibition.

Water Footprint Calculator
Standards-based Earth Science lesson plans for middle and high school about water use

Educator Materials Reefs in Crisis Humans have harmlessly harvested coral reefs for thousands—or even hundreds of thousands—of years. So why has our behavior in recent... Educator Materials Restoration of the Elwha River by Dam Removal, Washington In a single century, the salmon population of Washington State's Elwha River shrunk by more than 99 percent. What caused this dramatic... Educator Materials Science Explorations: Investigate the Giant Squid With unblinking eyes the size of soccer balls and a body that can stretch the length of a bowling alley, the giant squid has long... Educator Materials Sinking Water If you've spent even a few hours in a pool, you know that the deep end is colder than the shallow. But do you know why? Experiment... hands-on Rubber Blubber Gloves If you've ever dipped your toes in the ocean, you know the water can be downright chilly. So how do whales and walruses manage to... hands-on Slowing the Flow All mammals—dogs, sea lions, and even you—have an adaptation for surviving in cold water. Take the plunge, and learn why the mammalian... hands-on Test Density with a Supersaturated Solution You know that oil and water don't mix, but what about salt water and fresh water? Find out firsthand with this kid-friendly experiment... story Work the System! Did you know that forests with leaves above the water can grow in the ocean? Grab the magical magnifying glass, and see how many... Educator Materials That's Heavy! This "heavy" experiment allows students to discover that salt water sinks in fresh water. story What's the Big Idea about Water? Did you know that all living things need water? Or that the water on Earth today is all we will ever have? Learn more about this...