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Health and Our Microbiome

Humans are just a speck in a massively bacterial world. 

Living in and on us, microbes make up 70 to 90 percent of all cells in our bodies—our microbiome—and our health depends upon them. What makes some of these bacteria benign and others cause disease, like antibiotic-resistant superbugs? What are the health effects of antibiotic overuse, and how can we restore depleted microbiomes? What can we learn from sequencing the DNA of these extraordinarily diverse ecosystems, and from the microorganism communities around us—our macrobiomes? The answers have fascinating and critically important implications for how we track pathogens, prevent disease, and stay healthy.

Article Microbiome Monday: The Ecology of a Killer Microbe Microbiome Monday is back as our curators explore the ecology and life cycle of the killer microbe Legionella. September 14, 2015 Article Microbiome Monday: The Ecosystem In Your Belly Button Curators Rob DeSalle and Susan Perkins take us on a tour of the marvelous menagerie inside your belly button, which it turns... September 25, 2015 Video Stomach Bacteria Show Early Human Travels The germs that live inside us have evolved with us -- and tell a story of early human migrations. Video Microbes of New York Meet some of the microbes that call NYC home. Video MRSA: The Evolution of a Drug-Resistant Superbug A superbug’s resistance is linked to antibiotics in livestock feed. Audio SciCafe: Antibiotics and Obesity with Martin Blaser In this podcast, physician and microbiologist Martin Blaser discusses how changes in the human microbiome may be contributing... November 20, 2014 Video SciCafe: Microbes in the House Recent discoveries from the invisible world of the microbiome.   Meet Your Microbiome Explore how changes in the human microbiome may be contributing to an increase in obesity and other chronic conditions. Special Exhibition The Secret World Inside You Explore the human microbiome and find out how rapidly evolving science is reshaping our ideas about human health. November 7, 2015 — August 14, 2016 Article Microbiome Monday: The Microbiome of the World An initial sampling period conducted at the Museum this summer has provided the Healthy Human Microbiome Project with microbi... July 18, 2016 Blog Post Microbiome Monday: The Top Three Questions from Visitors A presenter from the exhibition The Secret World Inside You shares—and answers—the most common questions. March 7, 2016 Video Mapping Microbes in the Human Body A bacterial DNA sequencing project uncovers the diversity of microbes in humans. Video When Good Bacteria Go Bad Sharing space with bacteria leaves plenty of room for change. Blog Post Q&A: Mapping the Urban Microbiome What does the genetic fingerprint of New York City look like? Microbiome researcher Chris Mason, who recently gave a talk at... March 5, 2015 Article Welcome to Microbiome Mondays! NYU’s Dr. Martin Blaser kicks off our new weekly series in the run-up to the special exhibition The Secret World Inside You,... August 24, 2015   Google-bet: Facts About Microbes Curators Rob DeSalle and Susan Perkins answer the internet's most pressing questions on microbes. Interactive Bacteria in the Cafeteria Game Some microbes make us sick. Most are helpful. Play this game to find out more about them. microbiome The Poop Cure Using Fecal Microbiota Transplantation to fight disease in the gut. Video Our Microbiome—Identifying the Worlds Within Our health depends on trillions of microbes living in our bodies. Video Microbial Warriors Battle Digestive Disease Bacterial infusions can heal gut microbe imbalances. Educator Materials Bacteria Evolving: Tracing the Origins of a MRSA Epidemic These teaching case materials show practicing physicians and infectious disease specialists studying the origins and impacts... Article Microbiome Monday: How Do We Build Our Microbiomes? Dr. Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello at New York University is working to find out how modern Western lifestyles are affecting th... August 31, 2015 Video Ask a Scientist About Microbes In these videos, microbiologist Susan Perkins answers kids’ questions about microbes. Blog Post The Microbiome of Home Just like you, your house or apartment has its own microbiome—a unique, invisible population of bacteria, fungi, and viruses... June 15, 2016 Article How Lou Got the Flu How can the influenza virus travel around the world? Find out in this quizzy story! Video Diet Changes In Our Past Helped Harmful Microbes To Thrive More carbs in our diet helped harmful oral microbes to succeed. Video Have Humans Adapted to the Western Diet? Gut microbe study reveals that ancient diets suited our bodies better. Audio SciCafe: Mapping the Urban Microbiome, Genome, Metagenome Geneticist Chris Mason talks about his desire to get the gene sequence of every thing and place he sees, and the ways in whic... March 4, 2015

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