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2019-2020 Professional Learning Opportunities

Eastern Woodlands Teacher Workshop Flier 9.26.19

Election Day 2019: NYC Professional Learning Day for NYC Teachers

Celebrate the Museum’s 150th anniversary with a professional development day that highlights the diverse natural and cultural history of New York City. Teachers will be offered guidance about how to use the institutions vast natural and cultural resources to engage students and broaden their understanding of the rich biological and geological history of New York State. The day will culminate with a keynote presentation by Senior Vice President and Provost of Science Michael Novacek, who will take participants on a journey through the Museum’s 150 years of scientific exploration and discovery including his own paleontological expeditions to Mexico, Chile, and Yemen in search of fossil mammals and dinosaur.


Breakout Sessions

Eastern Woodlands Indians: Designing a Museum Learning Experience
This session will help teachers integrate a field trip to the Halls of Eastern Woodlands Indians Indians into their Social Studies instruction around Native Americans. Participants will come away with classroom activities that highlight Haudenosaunee culture and align with social studies standards, as well as a plan for object-based learning in the Museum with their students. Grades 4-8. 
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Theodore Roosevelt: His Complicated Legacy
This session will explore the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, his vision of environmental conservation and his relationship to the American Museum of Natural History. Participants will engage with the new exhibition “Addressing the Statue”, visit the two Roosevelt statues, the Roosevelt Memorial Hall dioramas and the murals in the Roosevelt rotunda. Grades 9-12. 
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Ecosystems: Constructing Explanations and Arguments about the Effects of Invasive Species
Participants will investigate the effects of the zebra mussel on the Hudson River ecosystem using data collected over a 25-year period by scientists at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. Grades 6-12. 
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Ecology of Lyme Disease
Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in temperate regions around the world. Participants will predict the risk of contracting the disease by constructing a model of the ecology of the disease and revising it based on new evidence that connects the impact of human activity on biodiversity and the emergence of infectious diseases. Grades 6-12. 
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Exhibition as Portal to our Own Backyard: Geology, Biology and Climate History
Participants will use the Warburg Hall of New York State Environment to explore the connections between geology and biology and clues about our climate history. The session will include specimen based classroom activities, a visit to the Hall and a visit to Central Park. Grades 6-12. 
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Teaching Science through a Culturally Responsive Lens
In this workshop, teacher leaders will share and model readily adaptable culturally responsive activities that they have used in their own science classrooms. Participants will consider their own cultural perspectives using the metaphor of a culture tree and then share ideas through a research-based classroom discussion strategy that supports students in thinking critically and speaking openly. Workshop leaders will describe how they modified this strategy for use in their classrooms, and what they learned from their collaborative analysis through the lens of culturally responsive education. Participants will consider ways in which they can modify their own instruction and curriculum to be more culturally responsive, and network with other participants to share and revise their newly developed strategies. Grades 6-12. 
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Using New Science Standards to Improve Teaching and Learning
This session is an introduction to the shifts that NGSS and the NYSSLS are asking science teachers to make. Participants will examine the structure of both sets of standards and the Framework for K–12 Science Education that they are based on. After experiencing and analyzing a three-dimensional learning activity based on the phenomenon there will be time to reflect on the implications that these standards have for our classroom. This is an introductory session for teachers who do not have a deep understanding of new standards. Grades 6–12. 
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 Election Day Workshop Flier 11.5.19


$35 per participant includes breakfast, lunch, and resources.
Purchase Orders: Call 212-769-5200 Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm
4.5 CTLE Credit Hours awarded to participants that complete the full day.

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Grade Level:
K-12 Educator

Dates & Times:
November 5, 2019
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

K-12 Educator

November 5, 2019

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.