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Europa Report: New York Premiere Thursday, August 1, at the Museum

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Space-adventure fans: Europa Report, a new film about a dangerous trip to a moon of Jupiter, is having its New York premiere at the Museum, on Thursday, August 1. The film will be shown in the Dome of the Hayden Planetarium Space Theater.

Europa Report Poster

Word of mouth and early reviews are excellent for the film, directed by Sebastián Cordero (who will be in attendance at the screening). Interspersing scenes of found footage of space and of actual rocket launches, the movie follows six (fictional) international astronauts on a years-long trip to Europa, a moon of Jupiter, which may harbor a liquid salty ocean under its icy surface.

Watch the trailer.

Europa Report (trailer)

Europa Report (trailer)

On Earth, wherever there is water there is life, and the tantalizing idea that there might be also be lifeforms in the ocean of Europa−which orbits Jupiter, averaging about 480 million miles from the Sun−has long been an inspiration to astronomers, aerospace engineers, and science-fiction writers. Life on Europa, for instance, is a major plot-point in Arthur C. Clarke's 1982 follow-up to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Unfortunately, tickets are no longer available for the Europa Report screening, on Thursday, August 1.