Fall Seminars 2010

Thursday, September 23: NO SEMINAR


Thursday, September 30: STACIA GORDON - University of Nevada, Reno
 "Timescales of Migmatization, Metamorphism, and Deformation in a Collapsed Orogenic Plateau"


Thursday, October 7: ROGER N. Anderson - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
 "Smart Grid and its impact on Alternative Energy sources and sinks in NYC"


Thursday, October 14: OPEN


Thursday, October 21: B.R. FROST - University of Wyoming
"Serpentinization and silica activity"


Tuesday, October 26: Ellen Graber - Israel Institute of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
"From the Pre-Columbian Amazonian Indians to Climate Change Mitigation: How to get from there to here"


Thursday, November 4: GSA Annual Meeting - NO SEMINAR


Thursday, November 11: Veterans Day - NO SEMINAR


Thursday, November 18: OPEN


Thursday, November 25: Thanksgiving Day - NO SEMINAR


Thursday, December 2: KENNETH G. MILLER - Rutgers University
"100 million years of sea-level change: Should I sell my shore house"


Thursday, December 9: OPEN


Thursday, December 16: AGU Fall Meeting - NO SEMINAR