Earth and Planetary Sciences Spring 2022 Seminar Series

Wednesdays at 11 a.m.           

Support for the Visiting Scholars Program is provided by Peter C. Hein and Anne Farley.

January 19 - Kelsey Young, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, “Preparations for Artemis and the Return to the Moon”

January 26 - Sarah Penniston-Dorland, University of Maryland, "Applying crystal clocks to metamorphic rocks: Using Li isotopes in garnet to constrain fluid flow processes during subduction metamorphism”

 February 2 - NO SEMINAR

 February 9 - Kelsey Prissel, Ph.D. JACOBS NASA Johnson Space Center

 February 16 - Aaron Palke, Gemological Institute of America

 February 23 - Kris Karnauskas, University of Colorado Boulder, “The equatorial current system from underwater gliders off the Galápagos Islands”

 March 2 - Danna Titelboim, Oxford, "Too hot to handle? The effect of future warming on benthic foraminifera."

 March 9 - NO SEMINAR - LPSC

 March 16 - TBA

 March 23 - Ben BostickLamont

 March 30 - Thomas Bauska, British Antarctic Survey and University of Cambridge, Field of study: ice cores, isotopes, and climate.

 April 6 - Joellen Russell, University of Arizona 

 April 13 - TBA

 April 20 - Aidan Starr, Rutgers, “Circumpolar flow and deep stratification through the mid-Pleistocene Southern Ocean”

 April 27 - Emily Cooperdock

 May 4 - Shaunna Morrison, Carnegie, “Driving Curiosity: Exploring martian geology and habitability through mineralogy”

When: The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History holds seminars on most Wednesdays during the academic year. Please refer to the current schedule for more details.

Where: Virtual until further notice.

Mailing list: Information about upcoming seminars is sent via e-mail a few days before the scheduled date. If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive information about our seminars, please send an e-mail to [email protected]