Fall 2023

September 6 – Yakov Weiss, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, Isotope Analyses and Compositions of Diamond-Forming Fluids - Past, Present and Future

October 4 – Russell Bicknell, American Museum of Natural History, Expanding the Understanding of Predatory Arthropods Using Virtual Palaeobiological Tools

November 1 – Ilana Wainer, Universidade de São Paolo, Tracing AMOC Shifts: Insights from the South Atlantic's Climate Past and Future

November 8 Alyssa Atwood, Florida State University, Tropical Pacific Climate Change Over the Last 7,000 Years - A Coral Ensemble Approach

November 15 – Bradley Pitcher, Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Sub-Millennial Timescales of Eruptible Rhyolite Accumulation Prior to the Caldera-Forming Eruption of Aira, Japan

November 29 – Annie Bauer, University of Wisconsin - Madison, The Tectonic Regimes of the Earliest Continents

December 6 – Laura Haynes, Vassar College, Foraminifera as Recorders of Past Climate and Bellwethers of Future Change