Spring 2023

January 13 – Esteban Gazel, Cornell University, New Fluid Inclusions Frontiers for Volcanic Eruptions

January 25 – Peter Kelemen, LDEO Columbia University, Carbon Mineralization for CO2 Removal from Air and Permanent Solid Storage

February 1 – James Dottin, Carnegie Institution for Science, Isotopic Constraints on the Lunar Sulfur Cycle

February 15 Steven Jaret, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, Minerals Under Extreme Conditions

March 14 – Yvonne Sawall, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Coral Thermal Tolerance and Thermal Stress Mitigation

March 15 – Damian Grundle, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Nitrous Oxide Cycling in the Ocean: It’s No Laughing (Gas) Matter

March 22 –  Chloe Bonamici, University of Wisconsin–Madison, High-Temperature Water-Rock Interactions in Metamorphic Core Complexes

March 29 –  Niels de Winter, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Sclerochronogy: Reading Mollusk Shell Archives of Short-Term Climate Change

April 5 Sidney Hemmings, LDEO Columbia University, Probing Antarctica’s Glacial History with Marine Sediments

April 10 – Alberto Vitaleb, Università di Bologna, Extreme Energy from the Deepest Roots of Serpentinization at Convergent Margins

April 19 –  Marc-Antoine Longpré, Queens College, CUNY, Linking Melt Composition to Monitoring Data at Cumbre Vieja Volcano

May 3 – Andrew Cross, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Phase Transformations as a Source of Transient Weakening in Earth’s Crust and Mantle

May 10 – Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Illinois State Geological Survey, The Illinois Basin – Decatur Project: Characterization, Monitoring, and Machine Teaching

May 17 -  Gabriela Farfan, Smithsonian Institute of Natural History, A Mineral Perspective on How Biominerals Record Their Environments