Thursday, January 24:
"Ultraviolet digital imaging of volcanic plumes: Implementation and application to magmatic processes at basaltic volcanoes"

*Friday, February 8 - 1:30 PM:
         *Note: Seminar will be held in the RGGS Lecture Hall (5th floor, across from the Mammalogy Dept)
 MATT KOHN - Boise State University.  Matt Kohn is one of this year’s “Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturers.”
"How to become a fossil: a geochemist's guide"

Thursday, February 14:
 ALEXANDRA NAVROTSKY - University of California, Davis
"Mineral Thermodynamics at the Nanoscale"

Thursday, February 21:
 FRANCIS McCUBBIN - Institute of Meteoritics, University of New Mexico
"Magmatic volatiles in the inner solar system: Constraints from apatite in planetary materials and apatite-melt partitioning experiments"

Thursday, February 28:  No Seminar

Thursday, March 7 - 1:30 PM:
"Short Circuits: Lightning in Protoplanetary Disks"

Thursday, MARCH 14 - 1:30 PM:
"Collecting minerals on Japanese volcanoes"

Thursday, MARCH 21:
No Seminar - Lunar & Planetary Science Conference

Thursday, March 28: 
 DAVID LONDON - University of Oklahoma
"Chemical Diffusion in Granitic Liquids, with Applications"

Thursday, April 4:
 BLAIR SCHOENE - Princeton University
"Combined zircon geochemistry and high-precision U-Pb geochronology as monitors of magmatic processes"

Thursday, April 11: No Seminar

Thursday, April 18:
 CLIVE OPPENHEIMER - University of Cambridge
"Erebus volcano: an outstanding laboratory in Antarctica"

*Friday, April 26 - 1:30 PM:
         *Note: Seminar will be held in the RGGS Lecture Hall (5th floor, across from the Mammalogy Dept)
 HAROLD CONNOLLY, JR. - CUNY - Kingsborough Community College
"OSIRIS-REx: NASA - New Frontiers Program Asteroid Sample Return Mission"

Thursday, May 2:
"Petrogenesis and metal budget of Eocene magmas from north-central Nevada, Carlin-type Au country: A melt inclusion study"

Thursday, MAY 9:
 JON ABBATT - Centre for Global Change Science, University of Toronto
"Atmospheric Aerosols: Sources, Reactivity and Potential Impacts"

Thursday, MAY 16:
 ELLEN CRAPSTER-PREGONT - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory/Columbia University
"Fractional Condensation: Evidence from Chemical Variations in Ca-, Al-rich Inclusions in CO Chondrites"

Thursday, MAY 30:
 PHILIPP RUPRECHT - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory/Columbia University
"The Highway from Hell: Mafic recharge and its role in volcanic eruptions at stratovolcanoes"