Spring 2015

Thursday, January 29:
"The Lu-Hf Isotope Record of Craton Stabilization"

Thursday, February 5 - @ 2:00 PM
SASKIA VAN MANEN, Environment, Earth and Ecosystems, The Open University
"Participation to empower disaster risk management: a case study from Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica"

Thursday, February 26 @ 1:30 PM
"Fine-grained rims in unequilibrated ordinary chondrites: records of accretion and heating during the chondrule-forming epoch"

Thursday, March 5:
KAREN HANGHØJ, The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
 "Important and Critical Minerals –Geology and Exploration in Greenland"

*Thursday, March 12 @ 11:30 AM - Research Scientist search presentation
PAUL BARTHOLOMEW, University of New Haven
 "Raman for the Geoscience Masses"

Thursday, March 12
WILLIAM HERBST, Wesleyan University
"Chondrules, V582 Mon (KH 15D) and the Formation of Terrestrial Planets"

Thursday, March 19:  Lunar & Planetary Science Conference - No Seminar

Monday, April 6 - 11:00 AM - RGGS Lecture Hall
JOCELYN SESSA, AMNH - merged with AMNH Comparative Biology Seminar Series
"Catastrophe and climate: controls on Cretaceous through Neogene marine mollusk biodiversity"

*Thursday, April 9 - 1:30 PM Research Scientist search presentation
ADRIAN FIEGE, University of Michigan
"From the magma chamber to the surface: Behavior of Volatiles and Metals during Magma-Mixing and Decompression-Induced Degassing"

*Wednesday, April 22 - 1:30 PM Research Scientist search presentation
J. BRIAN BALTA, University of Pittsburgh
"Measuring micron-sized minerals and magmas: mars, meteorites, and more"

Thursday, April 23:
YAKOV WEISS, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory/Columbia University
"Diamond-forming fluids and metasomatism of the continental lithosphere"

Thursday, April 30:
"From a Wet Moon to the Stability of First Solids in the Solar System: Experimental Investigations into Planetary Volatiles"

Thursday, May 7:
STEVEN JARET, Stony Brook University
"The products of impact craters: a microscopic view"

Thursday, May 14 - RGGS Lecture Hall
ANDREW KNOLL, Harvard University
"The Early Evolution of Eukaryotes"

Thursday, May 21:
ROBERTO COMPAGNONI, University of Turin, Italy
"The Alpine whiteschists: the case of the UHP pyrope-coesite rock from the Dora-Maira massif, Western Italian Alps"

Thursday, May 28:
“Boron Isotopes in Antigorite from the Guatemala Suture Zone Serpentinite Mélanges, Guatemala: Origin of the Serpentinite"

Thursday, June 18
JANI RADEBAUGH, Brigham Young  University
"The Surface of Saturn's Moon Titan from the Cassini Mission"