Spring 2016

February 18:
TIMOTHY GLOTCH, Stony Brook University
"Spectral, thermophysical, and geologic characterization of late stage halite-bearing evaporite deposits on Mars"

March 3:
DANIEL CZICZO, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Ice Nucleation : From the Earth to Mars and places in between”

March 10:
PIERRE LANARI, Bern University, Switzerland
"A geek’s approach to unravel the history of metamorphic rocks"

March 24: No seminar (Lunar and Planetary Science Conference)

March 31:
HARALD BEHRENS, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
"Hydrogen in feldspars: How trace elements can affect tectonics and mineral reaction in rocks"
April 7:
TAMARA CARLEY, Lafayette College
"The generation and evolution of silicic magma and juvenile crust: Insights from elemental, isotopic, and geochronological studies of Icelandic zircon"

April 14:
ANDREW DAVIS, University of Chicago
"Stardust in the Laboratory"

April 21:
ERIK HAURI, Carnegie Institution of Washington
"Water in the Moon’s Interior: Truth and Consequences"

April 28:
STEPHEN PARMAN, Brown University
"Making and Melting Mercury’s Mantle"

May 5:
EDWARD YOUNG, University of California, Los Angeles
"The origin of solar radionuclides: the case for an unexceptional origin for the solar system"

May 12:
ROBERT LINNEN, University of Western Ontario
"Syenite-hosted gold mineralization in the Abitibi Sub-Province of Ontario: Orogenic or Orthomagmatic?"

May 19:
THORSTEN KLEINE, Munster University, Germany
"Isotope anomalies, the origin of chondrules and a fundamental dichotomy of meteorites"

June 2:
"Compositional variability on magmatic quartz"

July 7 - *2:15 p.m. - RGGS Lecture Hall:
CHARLES MERGUERIAN, Duke Geological Laboratory, Hofstra University
"The geology of New York parks"