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Spring Seminars 2008

Thursday, January 17: ARLIN CROTTS - Columbia University "Lunar Outgassing and Transient Events"

Thursday, January 24: ALBERTO SAAL - Brown University "The Volatile Content of the Lunar Volcanic Glasses: Evidence for the Presence of Water in the Moon's Interior"

Thursday, January 31: MICHAEL OPPENHEIMER - Princeton University "Global Warming, Sea Level Rise, and the Future of the Icesheets"

Thursday, February 7: ALAN ROBOCK - Rutgers University "Volcanic Eruptions and Climate: Comparing Climatic Response to Low and High Latitude Volcanic Eruptions"

Thursday, February 14: NO SPEAKER SCHEDULED

Thursday, February 21: RICHARD REEDER - SUNY Stonybrook "Transformations of Organizationally Challenged Biominerals"

Thursday, February 28: BRIAN FAGAN - University of Southern California Santa Barbara "Peasantry, Pre-Columbian Lords, and the Flail of God: An Archaeologist Looks at the Medieval Warm Period (or Climatic Anomaly) and the Little Ice Age"

Thursday, March 6: MARC HIRSCHMANN - University of Minnesota "Hydrous Partial Melting of the Upper Mantle As Judged From Mineral/Melt Partition Coefficients"

Thursday, March 13: Lunar Planetary Science Conference, NO SPEAKER SCHEDULED

Thursday, March 20: BEN HOLTZMAN - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University "Towards Mapping from Seismic Velocity to Viscosity at Plate Boundaries"

Thursday, March 27: ROBERT BURRUSS - United States Geological Survey "Geological Sequestration of CO2 and the Conundrum of Dangerous Interference with the Climate System"

Thursday, April 3: BARBARA JOHN - University of Wyoming "How Does the Ocean Crust Grow: Constraints From Geo- and Thermochrometry"

Thursday, April 10: KATHERINE KELLY - University of Rhode Island "Water and Melting in the Mantle Wedge of Subduction Zones"

Thursday, April 17: GRAY BEBOUT - Lehigh University "Fate and Geochemical Imprint of Deeply Subducting Sediments: Evidence from HP/UHP Metamorphic Suites"

Thursday, April 24: MARK SIDDALL - Univ. Bristol & Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory "From the Last Glacial Cycle to the Future - Paleo-Constraints on Future Sea-level Rise"

Thursday, May 1: THOMAS WATTERS - Smithsonian Institution "A New View of the Tectonics of Mercury from MESSENGER's First Flyby"

Thursday, May 8: MICHAEL CHEADLE - University of Wyoming "Layered Intrusions: Some New Techniques/Thoughts Applied to Old Problems"

Thursday, May 15: BRANDON BROWNE - Cal State Fullerton CANCELLED "Petrologic Constraints on the Input of Basalt into the Magma Reservoir beneath Mammoth Mountain, Eastern California"


Thursday, May 29:  JON BLUNDY - University of Bristol "The Subterranean Machinations of Mount St. Helens Volcano"