Spring Seminars 2009

Thursday, January 8: SARAH PENNISTON-DORLAND - University of Maryland
"Multiple sulfur isotopes reveal a magmatic origin for the Platreef PGE deposit, Bushveld Complex"


Thursday, January 15: THOMAS DUFFY - Princeton University
"Journey to the core-mantle boundary"


Thursday, January 22: NJOKI GITAHI - AMNH
"Climate Change Skeptics"


Thursday, January 29: ELIZABETH COTTRELL - Smithsonian Institution NMNH
 "The oxidation state of basalt as a function of tectonic setting and water content"


Thursday, February 5: KAREN HANGHOJ - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
 "Composition and Genesis of Depleted Mantle Peridotites from the Wadi Tayin Massif, Oman ophiolite. Major and trace element geochemistry, and Os isotope and PGE systematics"


Thursday, February 19: FRANCIS McCUBBIN - Stony Brook University
 "Magmatic volatiles in the martian interior:Inferences from the martian meteorites Chassigny and MIL 03346"


Thursday, March 5: DAVID M. JENKINS - Binghamton University
 "Defining the limits of glaucophane stability"


Thursday, March 12: MAUREEN FEINEMAN - Pennsylvania State University
 "Boron and lithium isotope fractionation in basaltic melt inclusions"


Thursday, March 19: JAY THOMAS - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
 "TitaniQ Under Pressure: Assessing the Effect of Pressure on the Ti-in-Quartz Geothermometer"


Thursday, March 26: No speaker, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

Thursday, April 2: CINZIA FARNETANI, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, &  ALBRECHT HOFMANN, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University
 "Anatomy of the Hawaiian Plume"


Thursday, April 9: JIM WEBSTER - AMNH
 "Magmatic Fluids from Mantle to Volcanoes: The Role of Volatiles in Generating Magmatic-Hydrothermal Mineralization"


Thursday, April 16: JUN KORENAGA - Yale University
 "Plate tectonics and the evolution of Earth's oceans"


Tuesday, April 21: 12:30pm TIMOTHY GLOTCH - Stony Brook University
 "The History of Carbonates on Mars as Revealed by the Thermal Emission Spectrometer"


Thursday, April 30: TIMOTHY GROVE - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 "Melt generation processes in subduction zones"


Thursday, May 14: MIKE WIZEVICH - Central Connecticut State University
"Spectacular Seismites in the Late Cretaceous Wahweap Formation, Southern Utah: Insights & Enigmas"


Thursday, May 21: No Seminar

Thursday, May 28: SHUHEI ONO - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 "Total sulfur isotope (32-33-34-36) constraints on subseafloor sulfur cycles and the deep biosphere"


Thursday, June 11: JEFFREY GROSSMAN - U.S. Geological Survey-Reston
 "New insights into asteroids provided by explosive growth of our meteorite collections"