Spring Seminars 2011

Earth and Planetary Sciences Spring 2011 Seminars
Thursdays at 1:30pm, EPS Conference Room

Thursday, February 17: STERNS A. MORSE - University of Massachusetts,
"Plagioclase An-Range and Residual Porosity in Igneous Cumulates
of the Kiglapait Intrusion"

Thursday, February 24: AARON S. BELL - AMNH 
"Degassing Induced Changes in Magmatic Oxidation State: Implications for Modeling Phase Equilibria and Ore Forming Processes"

Thursday, March 3: OPEN

Thursday, March 10: Lunar & Planetary Science Conference - NO SEMINAR

"Report on the November 2010 Guatemala Expedition: Resolving geodynamic interpretation of NOAM-Caribbean Plate interaction history. A Niarchos Fund expedition"

Tuesday, March 29: HORST MARSCHALL - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 
"Physico-chemical transport and differentiation processes in subduction zones: mixing at the slab-mantle interface and melting of mélange rocks in mantle-wedge plumes?"

Thursday*, March 31: CHRISTOPHER HERD - University of Alberta 
"Heterogeneity of the Tagish Lake Meteorite: insights into nebular and parent body processing of organic matter"
*NOTE: Seminar will start at 1:00 PM 

Thursday, April 7: POSTPONED

Thursday, April 14: MICHAEL DaSILVA - AMNH 
"Ridge subduction volcanism: Southern Patagonian Andes"

Thursday, April 21: CONEL M. O'D. ALEXANDER - DTM - Carnegie Institution of Washington 
"The origin of organics and water in chondrites, and implications for transport in the solar protoplanetary disk"

Thursday, April 28: DON R. BAKER - McGill University 
“Some of the equilibrium and kinetic behavior of sulfur in magmatic systems”

Thursday, May 5: DANIEL SAVIN - Columbia University 
"The Genesis projects: laboratory studies in molecular astrophysics from the first star to the beginnings of organic chemistry"

Thursday, May 12: ROBERT L. LINNEN - University of Waterloo 
"Rare Metals and Pegmatites - a Look at Extreme Magmatic Processes"

Monday, May 16: JILL VANTONGEREN - Columbia University - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory - AMNH
"The 'Ins' and 'Outs' of the Bushveld Complex Upper Zone"

Thursday, May 19: CLAUDE T. HERZBERG - Rutgers University 
"Thermal history of the Earth: new views on deep Archean and Hadean time"

Thursday, May 26: MICHAEL D. GREENBERG - AMNH 
"Reconstructing Stardust: Insights from 3D Imaging and XRF Mapping of Whole Tracks"

Please join us for the Research Scientist search presentations
beginning on May 26 at 1:30 PM (unless otherwise noted):

Thursday, May 26 - 11:30 AM: PAVEL IZBEKOV - Geophysics Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks 
"Compositional and textural stratigraphy of plagioclase: Implications for magma processes at active volcanoes"

"Pallasites: Mantles of Differentiated Asteroids"

Thursday, June 9: JULIANE GROSS - Lunar & Planetary Institute 
"Constraints on the geochemical variations and complex evolution of the lunar highlands: ALHA81005’s view from the farside"