The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History curates the museum's world renowned collections of minerals and gems, meteorites, ores, rocks, and xenoliths. Staff members conduct research that explores the nature of terrestrial and planetary processes.


The members of the department are engaged in a variety of research activities, and often collaborate with other scientists from around the world. Take a look at the topics in geology that we find exciting, or walk through our lab.


The collections are an invaluable repository of rock, mineral and meteorite specimens that are available for study by scientists or exhibited by educational institutions.


Department members have access to an array of tools to enable their research.


Listing of staff members for the Museum’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.


The Earth and Planetary Sciences Dept. holds seminars Thursdays during the academic year. Refer to the schedule for details.


Researchers in the department participate and oversee education and professional development programs that lead toward advanced degrees.

Public Outreach

Members of the Department help create exhibits and provide scientific expertise to many educational programs and outreach services in the Museum.