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Educator's Guide

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This activity sequence explores the topic of Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) foods through exposure to the beliefs, tools, agricultural practices, and stories of Haudenosaunee people. It includes suggestions for before your visit, at the Museum, and back in the classroom.

If your class is unable to visit the Museum at this time, you and your students can take a "virtual field trip" by downloading and examining images of the hall objects (last link below) featured in the student worksheets. 

Pre-, During, and Post-Activities

  • Activity Sequence: PDF
  • Student Worksheets Answer Key & Notes to Educators: PDF
  • Student Worksheets: PDF | Word 

Pre-Visit Materials

Post-Visit Materials

  • Haudenosaunee Voices: Growing Our Traditional Foods: PDF
  • Hall Objects: PDF | PowerPoint

Additional Resources

3 photos showing dried corn, model of cornbread making, and woman in kitchen making cornbread
Dried Haudenosaunee White Corn, photo by Tahila Mintz (Yaqui) / © AMNH; model of woman in a longhouse mixing cornbread, © AMNH / D. Finnin; Belinda Patterson (Tuscarora) mixing cornbread in 2019, photo by Laticia McNaughton (Mohawk) / © AMNH

Haudenosaunee Cornbread Making: 15th Century vs. Today

Compare images of dioramas in the hall and contemporary photos by a Mohawk photographer to explore the steps of harvesting, processing, and preparing Haudenosaunee White Corn.