The Secret World Inside You

Your body is brimming with microbes—trillions of them. In this traveling exhibition, explore the ecosystem that is the human microbiome. 

While we have been taught to fear microbes, only a tiny percentage actually make people sick. 

Discover what and where these microbes are, how they help us, how we sometimes disrupt them, and how we can work with them to make our lives better than ever. 

The Secret World Inside You explores these intriguing themes through interactive activities, videos, and a live theater where a presenter will show visitors how scientists are navigating this exciting new field of research.



"Entertaining teaching games, quizzes, whiz-bang animation and compelling visual effects." — The New York Times

"The more we learn about what lives within us, the more we understand how the natural world affects our own wellbeing." —

"...The latest science on how this microbial world affects our health is rarely presented in an accessible, engaging way, or in a format that's easily digestible. This exhibit changes that." — Dr. Matt McCarthy,

Exhibition Information

Venue Gallery Size:

7,000 – 8,000 ft2


Venue Ceiling Height:

11 ft recommended


Conservation & Security Requirements:



Standard Rental Length:

14-16 weeks

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