The Secret World Inside You

Two groups of families interact with a table projection of a woman with details of microbes inside the body
Your body is brimming with microbes—trillions of them. In this traveling exhibition, explore the ecosystem that is the human microbiome. 

Technological advances over the last few decades have revolutionized our understanding of the role of microbes in human health. Although many of us have been taught to fear microbes, only a tiny percentage actually make people sick. As scientists navigate this growing field of research, we're finding ways we can work with microbes to make our lives better than ever. 

The Secret World Inside You is an engaging introduction to the amazing ecosystem that is the human microbiome. 


Visitors will find out what microbes are, where they live, and why they are so crucial to our lives through larger-than-life models, digital interactives, and a live theater presentation. 


Key Questions

  • What are microbes?
  • What is the human microbiome?
  • What factors influence our microbiome?
  • How is the microbiome reshaping our view of human health?
  • How do scientists study the microbiome?


"Entertaining teaching games, quizzes, whiz-bang animation and compelling visual effects." — The New York Times

"The more we learn about what lives within us, the more we understand how the natural world affects our own wellbeing." —

"...The latest science on how this microbial world affects our health is rarely presented in an accessible, engaging way, or in a format that's easily digestible. This exhibit changes that." — Dr. Matt McCarthy,

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The Secret World Inside You is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (