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Remote Sensing Guides

Remote Sensing guides have been designed by the CBC that explain how to acquire remotely sensed imagery, how to view imagery, strengths and limitations of remote sensing, and a host of other interesting topics. These guides are tailored for people who want to learn how to benefit from remotely sensed imagery without having to learn that nitty gritty details of how remote sensing works. The overarching goal is to make these data and tools accessible so just about anyone can use them to learn more about the Earth around them at a local or global scale.

Article Overview of accuracy assessment of land cover products This document provides a basic understanding of the importance of accuracy assessment and how to interpret accuracy statistics. Article How to determine when to hire a consultant and when it is appropriate to do work in house This guide addresses the issues confronting a manager in this situation and provides insight into the thought process an organization... Article Justification for using photo interpretation methods to interpret satellite imagery This guide focuses on comparing digital image photos to classified images. Article Land cover change methods This document provides guidance on conducting land cover change projects using satellite imagery. Article Land cover classification methods This guide provides an overview of land cover classification using remotely sensed data. Article Myths and misconceptions about remote sensing This guide is meant primarily to alert new and inexperienced users of satellite image products to some of their limitations. Article Understanding pixels, bands, and channels This guide provides an overview of the basic components that make up an image. Article Understanding image scale and resolution This guide discusses the difference between "scale" and "resolution." Article Selecting the appropriate band combination for an RGB image using Landsat imagery This guide explains the concept of multiband or multispectral imagery and illustrates how individual bands can be used to identify... Article Viewing Landsat TM images with Adobe Photoshop This tutorial explains how to open a TIFF or GeoTIFF format satellite image in Photoshop. Article What you need to know when searching for satellite imagery This guide provides guidance on how to select the right imagery for a particular task. Article Writing technical specifications for a remote sensing project This document provides guidelines for writing and evaluating the technical specifications for a remote sensing project.