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What's New at the CBC?

June 3, 2020

New Publication: Academic leaders must support inclusive scientific communities during COVID-19


The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation’s Dr. Alexandria Moore and Dr. Eleanor Sterling, together with a team of international scientists, call for a collective effort by the entire scientific community, especially those in leadership positions, to actively support the retention and diversity of early-career scientists during and after COVID-19.

In this Nature Ecology & Evolution article, the team of authors identify a set of key actions for scientific workplaces, communities, and broader policy to clearly show what can be done to support early-career scientists during and after the crisis. The authors also emphasize that overcoming the acute and long-term challenges of this pandemic calls for a strong international scientific community that understands that diversity and equity are key factors in promoting healthy, resilient ecosystems as the cornerstones of human health and well-being.

May 26, 2020

New Publication: Creating a space for place and multidimensional well-being: lessons learned from localizing the SDGs


CBC scientists published a new study in the journal Sustainability Science which examines the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, and dimensions of well-being in the Pacific Islands.  The study team (a collaboration across 27 authors, including customary chiefs, ministry representatives, social and biological scientists, and sustainable development professionals) systematically compared the SDGs indicators with factors contributing to well-being in Pacific Islands to see how well the SDGs can inform sustainable development in this region.

Their research shows that there are overlaps, but also significant gaps. As a result, internationally generated indicators may result in misdiagnosis and design of on-the-ground interventions with unintended and negative outcomes, including natural resource degradation, displacement of communities, or loss of food security. The research has already had significant impact in modifying regional development strategies. To support policy makers, the CBC also launched a series of guides on culturally attuned metrics for countries reporting on sustainable development.