Maps & Models

Bahamas Map Atlas
This website features Bahamas GIS layers created and compiled from various sources by the BBP GIS Working Group.

Bahamas GIS Viewer
Additional ecological layers are available through this related project.

Bahamas Habitat Map Posters
These posters illustrate the major nearshore marine habitat types and their distributions in several areas of The Bahamas based on surveys by the BBP Habitat Working Group. Each poster includes satellite imagery paired with a habitat map and descriptive legend. These maps were designed for research and educational purposes only, and they are not intended for navigation or for quantitative assessments of all habitat types. To request full-sized, printed versions of the posters, please contact Dan Brumbaugh at [email protected].

The East Coast of Abaco from 3.5 km north to 10.5 km south of Hope Town.

The East Coast of Central Andros from 3 km north of Stafford Creek to just south of Fresh Creek.

North and South Bimini.

Exuma Cays Marine Habitat Poster (in preparation)
The Southern islands of the Exuma Cays and the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.

The Northern end of the island of San Salvador.

South Caicos Marine Habitat Poster (in preparation)
The habitats of South-Eastern South Caicos Island.

Marine Reserves and Local Fisheries: An Interactive Simulation Exercise
This simulation-based educational tool allows users to experiment with the use of marine reserves as tools in fisheries management and to explore various biological and economic factors that influence population viability and fisheries sustainability. Focusing on key Caribbean fisheries species, their habitat preferences, the distribution of these habitats across the seascape, economic costs and proceeds from small-scale fisheries, and simple models of fishing behavior, the Java-based simulation provides an easy to use but flexible platform for visualizing and exploring multiple ecological and human dimensions of fisheries management and marine reserve design.