Sustaining Seascapes: The Science and Policy of Marine Resource Management
This two-day symposium (March 7-8, 2002) at the American Museum of Natural History examined the large-scale conservation of marine ecosystems – considering novel approaches to the sustainable management of biodiversity and fisheries. Through theory, reviews, and case studies, participants explored efforts to integrate natural, socioeconomic, and cultural factors at local and regional scales in response to ongoing threats to both fisheries and biodiversity.

Coral Reef Ecosystems and People in The Bahamas: Practical Applications of Biocomplexity Science
This half-day symposia (February 20, 2006) took place as part of the annual meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science. Seven speakers representing the BBP and its partners described their research and related education and outreach efforts. They highlighted the unique educational approaches used to improve the public’s understanding of marine ecosystems, the connectivity among populations of important marine species), habitat characteristics across seascapes, and the cultural dimensions of coastal resource use and management in The Bahamas. In addition, the speakers also demonstrated the theoretical and computational approaches being used to integrate (and model) the diverse –ecological, social, and educational– components of the BBP.