Our Senses: An Immersive Experience

In this highly experiential exhibition, explore 11 immersive spaces that dare you to trust your senses—then show you how what we perceive is not simply a window into the world around us but a product of our brains. Plus, discover why we have senses and makes human perception unique.



"Takes you out of your comfort zone – that is, challenging the senses through which you've experienced your entire life – and places you in the unknown." — The New York Times

"Prepare for sensory overload: Your eyes, ears, nose and, especially, brain are going to be tested." — The New York Times

Exhibition Information

Venue gallery size:

8,000 ft2 

(750 m2)


Venue ceiling height:

12 ft recommended

(3.6 m)


Conservation & Security requirements:

To be determined


Standard Rental Length:

14-16 weeks

Our Senses Brochure

Exhibition Brochure

Our Senses Educator's Guide

Educator's Guide